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Weekly Meeting Time/Day

Thank you to everyone who stopped by our table at the student involvement fair! The Political Science Society’s weekly meetings this semester will be held every Thursday at 5:00pm in ED 1101 (In the Education Center). Meetings are open to the public and regularly feature local organizers and politicians.

This weeks agenda:

  • Welcome new members, orientation.
  • Plan for upcoming meeting with county commissioners regarding Perry 8 polling place
  • Voter registration drive / clarification of student voter rights.
  • Organizer from Tent Van Haaften’s congressional campaign will speak about internship opportunities.

Need directions?
Consult this map to find the Education Center (ED).
Upon entering the double doors facing the UC, take your first right and enter these doors here.


Fox News interviews Political Science Society President, John Siepierski

Fox News interviews Political Science Society President, John Siepierski

The piece will air tonight (Wednesday, September 8th) on Fox 7 WTVW at 6:00pm and 9:00pm.


Courier Press

EVANSVILLE — Students pushing to relocate a West Side polling place to the University of Southern Indiana campus were asked Tuesday to do more homework.

They vowed to complete the assignment from the Vanderburgh County Commissioners in time to get the Perry Township Precinct 8 polling place moved from West Terrace Elementary School to campus before Election Day on Nov. 2…

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104.1 WIKY Radio

USI students want to be able to vote at a location closer to home, during November’s election day. President of the USI Political Science Society, John Siepierski told County Commissioners its polling place at West Terrace Elementary School is not serving students. Siepierski agreed to Commissioner Troy Tornatta’s request to secure a detailed letter of support from the university, for moving the polling place to USI’s Residence Life Center….

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At 5pm (September 7th) in the civic center, a group of Political Science Society members will be meeting with all three Vanderburgh County commissioners, Troy Tornatta, Steven Melcher, and Lloyed Winnecke to discuss the location of USI’s polling place. The meeting will be broadcasted live on PBS.


Come down to the courtyard on September 8th from 11am to 2pm and visit the Political Science Society’s table at the Student Development Fair! PSS will be collecting new member signups and providing voter registration forms. Students are strongly urged to register to vote on campus. The time, place, and day of weekly PSS meetings will also be announced on September 8th.


Calab Sterling is a member of the Political Science Society.

Brad Ellsworth
P.O. Box 62
Evansville, IN 47701

Dear Congressman Ellsworth

My name is Calab Sterling and I am currently a student at the University of Southern Indiana. As a member of the Political Science Society, I am bringing to your attention that the USI campus needs the voting booth moved from West Terrace Elementary school to the USI campus for both its students and citizens of Evansville. The current facility is not a convenient place for this city’s growing college campus, students, and West side of the city which revolves around the campus.

Students are growing minds with opinions and are the future of the country, which is why we need to include them all in the opportunity to vote. By placing the voting booth on campus we are enriching the campus, giving the citizens and students the tools necessary to vote, and will help you in your campaign to becoming Senator. The campus is already of public knowledge to students and Evansville citizens. Students without transportation are unable to vote because they have no way of getting to the current voting booth location at West Terrace Elementary School. The USI Political Science Society circulated a petition and it was signed by over seven hundred students and citizens. The petition stated that the voting booth on campus would be the ideal location.

Relocating the voting booth will help the students that attend USI and will also help the public by placing it in a notably public location, such as the campus. I would like to further discuss this with you either by interview or phone interview. My phone number is 812-686-8532 or you can reach me at the above address. Thank you for your time, and good luck in your campaign and upcoming election for Senator.

Calab C. Sterling
Member of the USI Political Science Society


A Field Director from the Indiana Democratic Party asked that members of the PSS be made aware of these internship opportunities.

Are you interested in an internship on a political campaign? Are you
looking for valuable political experience? The Indiana Democratic
Party is seeking highly motivated and skilled interns for this
important election year. Learn the basics of campaigns on one of the
top targeted races in Indiana and the nation, Indiana’s 8th
Congressional District. This is a terrific opportunity for a self
starter who has a passion for politics.
Interns will gain hands-on experience in grassroots and field
organizing with responsibilities including voter outreach, volunteer
recruitment and training, assisting in planning events and working
with local leaders to build a support network. This is an exciting
opportunity for anyone considering a career in politics, campaigns, or
community organizing. You must be able to work well with others and
demonstrate interest in politics, campaigns, community-building, or
social change. Knowledge of Evansville is also a plus, but not
required. No specific Major required.
Interested applicants should email a resume to

Eric Heggie
Field Director
IN-08 Indiana Democratic Party
Local: (812) 250-9649
Cell: (512) 216-0844


A push to relocate a West Side polling place to the University of Southern Indiana campus got new life last week when key Vanderburgh County officials came on board.

But resistance comes from some elections officials who believe moving the precinct polling place to campus at the request of students could inconvenience more voters than it helps.

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Grassroots Activism at USI

University of Southern Indiana Activism


‘Collegiate Cornerstone’

Here’s a great article about USI that appeared in the Courier Press today.

EVANSVILLE — Within months, the University of Southern Indiana campus will have a full quadrangle bordered by academic buildings, the 5-year-old David L. Rice Library and an expanded University Center surrounding a grassy interior.

The quad’s completion represents another step in the growth of what is a relatively young institution..

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